Matching High-Tech Options To Rapidly Changing Trend Lines

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Consumers and businesses have made about a decade’s worth of digital progress in the last half-year. The transition has been fast, and at times bumpy, as consumers have abruptly changed their habits around travel, shopping, work, leisure and pretty much everything in their lives toward digital access. That means the challenge for all entities – public and private – is to build the tools to make the journey seamless, and to ensure that the customer feels secure.


$2.45B: Amount of money a BoA customer found unexpectedly in his online bank account.

$625M: Amount the U.S. Department of Energy announced it will spend on researching AI and quantum computing.

35K: Square footage of the Amazon Fresh physical grocery location that opened this week.

40: Maximum number of miles consumers are traveling to go camping in 2020.

15%: Increase of losses due to identity theft in 2019.

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