Positive Developments In Disbursements And Retail Inventory

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Digital disbursement technologies have recently emerged, allowing consumers to access funds within a half-hour–or even within seconds, in some cases. These solutions could make or break business relationships between firms and their partners or clients. And in retail, several reports are indicating healthy inventory positions as a point of optimism in retail’s comeback process. All this, Today in Data.


172M: Number of U.S. consumers who received at least one disbursement in the last 12 months.

80%: Approximate share of companies offering payout choices that include instant options.

67%: Portion of microbusinesses that would be more likely to do business with firms that offer free instant disbursements.

33.8%: Increase in import traffic through the Southern California gateway from June to July.

$3.56B: Net sales for Macy’s in Q2.

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