Google’s Fundo Combines Video Making, Ticket Sales

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Google is pitching what it calls a powerful way to create videos and sell tickets.

The service, dubbed Fundo, was created to help video artists and small businesses create events, set dates and sell tickets, Google said.

In a blog post, Fundo General Manager John Gregg wrote that connections between creators and their audiences goes deeper than just videos and comments.

“But we also thought ‘How can we create these magic moments for even more people, at any time, no matter where they are?'” he wrote.

The answer, he said, is Fundo.

Unlike traditional video apps such as Vimeo, Dtube, Metacafe, Vevo, Twitch, IGTV, Flicker, Takeaway, Fundo is an online service, with no apps or software to download. It all takes place on the Fundo site, the blog said.

The concept was inspired, Gregg said, two years ago when he and a colleague went to VidCon, the annual multi-genre video tech conference held in Southern California.

“The energy was absolutely incredible,” he wrote. “Fans rushed across the convention floor to meet their favorite creators, and waited in massive queues for a selfie … we also thought: How can we create these magic moments for even more people, at any time, no matter where they are?”

With Fundo, he said, everything is live and interactive, face-to-face video chats are crafted to mirror those in-person encounters.

“And it all happens using your computer or phone, from the comfort of home or on the go,” Gregg wrote.

The other feature Fundo offers is a way to “monetize” what they do. Event hosts are in control of ticket prices, discounts or providing the show for free.

The blog did not disclose how much Fundo costs.

Variety reported the price ranges from free up to $50 per person and Google will take a 20 percent share of revenue generated through online ticketed video sessions.

Given the limits of COVID-19, creating meaningful experiences online is even more important.

From scheduling to signups, payment processing and live streaming, there’s a lot to manage, he said. But Fundo makes it easy by providing a single end-to-end solution, he said.

The pandemic has prompted the formation of other platforms as well. With all shows canceled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Kindling launched a digital experience platform this summer. The Washington-based nonprofit online media organization showcases social change from all around the world.

And Rapper Travis Scott managed a concert first earlier this year when he performed virtually for 12.3 million fans on video game platform Fortnite.

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