Today In Payments: Uber Eats Adds Contactless Ordering For Dining In; Consumer Sentiment Uncertain As Holidays Approach

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In today’s top news, Uber Eats added a contactless ordering feature for users who are dining in, and U.S. consumer sentiment looks uncertain as the holiday shopping season draws near. Plus, Apple updated its App Store guidelines ahead of the anticipated release of iOS 14 later in September.

Uber Eats Updates App to Pay Tab While Dining in

Uber Eats has introduced a contactless ordering feature that will work when diners are eating in a restaurant, allowing users to pay the tab with the app to eliminate the use of bill holders, credit cards and pens.

US Consumer Sentiment Uncertain as Holiday Season Approaches

It’s clear as we inch toward the holiday shopping season that U.S. consumers have evolved since the pandemic began — and so have their spending habits.

Apple Revamps App Store Guidelines for Games, Classes

Apple updated its App Store guidelines on Friday (Sept. 11), now permitting game-streaming platforms like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia, but games have to be downloaded straight from the App Store instead of an app.

SaaS Firm NS8 CEO Resigns; Layoffs, SEC Investigation Follow

NS8, a Las Vegas-based online fraud prevention and detection software maker for SMBs, has begun layoffs following the abrupt resignation of its CEO.

What Innovators Can Learn From Netflix

In his new book, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is the first to admit that the formula used to build Netflix might not work for every company. What might, Karen Webster says, is the innovation playbook that Netflix seems to have written and followed over the last 22 years – turning something consumers didn’t really want to do into something they no longer have to do to get an even better outcome.

NEW REPORT: Universities’ Digital Onboarding Orientation

Onboarding U.S. university students is taking on a whole new level of complexity in the pandemic era, as activities like finalizing financial aid or housing have transitioned online, says Corey Farris, dean of students at West Virginia University. In the latest Digital Consumer Onboarding Tracker(R), Farris explains how tapping digital ID verification tools can help.

Hot in the States, SPACs Might Have Global Appeal

Amid a red-hot IPO market here in the United States, some of the most incandescent new listings have come from special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs).

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