Bitcoin Daily: CFTC Charges Four In Alleged Crypto Scam; ECB Gets First Collectible Crypto

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The Commodity Futures Trading Commission filed a complaint in a Texas U.S. District Court against four people for allegedly “fraudulently soliciting funds” from individuals to attempt to wager on changes in the price of bitcoin, according to a press release.

Three individuals from Texas and one individual from Florida were named as defendants. The complaint claims that the defendants dishonestly claimed to actual and possible clients that their company had “master traders” with a long history of trading digital currency and harnessed “cutting edge trading robots” to trade bitcoin at all hours of the day for clients.

In other news, European Central Bank (ECB) policy makers received a present of the globe’s first so-called “collectible digital coin” by email, Bloomberg reported.

Those on the governing council received LBCOIN in the form of a link to a digital wallet containing six virtual coins. Vitas Vasiliauskas, the governor of Lithuania’s central bank, told Bloomberg, “I’m curious how popular this is going to be among Governing Council members.”

Recipients have a full day to accept the present, according to the report.

On another note, Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association was created with the participation of two Swiss universities, according to an announcement.

In addition, the Swiss Blockchain Consortium, Eventboost SA and are among the organization’s “founding partners.” According to the announcement, the group seeks to “promote research and support innovative companies active in the Blockchain sector, as well as to promote academic studies of this new technology.”

And, MicroStrategy Incorporated‘s Board of Directors has implemented a new “Treasury Reserve Policy,” according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing.

It said the treasury reserve assets will be made up of cash assets in addition to “bitcoin held by the Company, with bitcoin serving as the primary treasury reserve asset on an ongoing basis, subject to market conditions and anticipated needs of the business for Cash Assets, including future potential share repurchase activity.”

The company noted that its collection of bitcoin might exceed the $250 million investment that the company made known in August.

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