Snyder Links With Amazon, Others To Boost AR Automation

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Finance and bookkeeping smart app Snyder is integrating with a variety of big eCommerce companies, including Shopify, Amazon, eBay and Ecwid, to help eCommerce businesses with accounts receivable (AR) and accounting automation, according to a press release.

eCommerce businesses will be able to have sales and fees recorded automatically and entered into Quickbooks and Xero. Through ongoing and historical data being automatically uploaded that way, the release stated books will be up to date, and work can be focused on other areas.

The new integrations will offer the ability to create one-click invoices, the release stated, and they’ll be closed automatically upon payment. Recurring invoices can be set up to ensure that everything is paid on time. Users will be able to download online payments data complete with necessary details like taxes, processor fees, shipping discounts and other particulars to help with categorizing transactions and tax accuracy.

In addition, the integration will come with a prevention of errors due to the Rollback function, which lets users undo anything they didn’t mean to do.

Michael Astreiko, CEO of Snyder parent CloudBusiness, said the upgrades are needed because of the continually growing eCommerce field.

“eCommerce businesses are growing, and all of them need their bookkeeping and accounting covered,” he said in the release. “The more they grow, the more data they have to deal with, the more complicated their bookkeeping will get. So, if we timely rebuild our strategy and give those businesses that are experiencing an unprecedented growth a means of doing their bookkeeping faster, more easily and more conveniently, we can contribute towards rebuilding and strengthening the economy.”

Bookkeeping is an essential part of running a business, but also not an aspect in which many small business owners have expertise, noted Waseem Daher, CEO of, in a PYMNTS interview. That leads to lost time on cumbersome, error-prone manual processes. Software automation can add efficiencies.

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