Today In Connected Commerce: The TikTok Deal Rolls Along, Retail’s Omnichannel Embrace, GoJek’s New App Offering

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Today in digital payments sees the developing deal between China’s ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart for the sale of TikTok, the big move among retailers to merge the physical and the digital into a single omnicommerce experience for consumer and Gojek‘s latest addition for the Chinese market were the stories that defined the emerging connected economy today.

Paytm Briefly Removed From Google Play Over Alleged Gambling Violations

Indian eCommerce payment platform, Paytm found itself briefly removed from Google’s Play Store on accusations that it had violated the firm’s policy on online casinos and other unregulated gambling apps, which Google alleged Paytm was guiding its customers toward. Within hours of its removal, Paytm was reinstated to the Play Store.

Deep Dive: Why Retailers Are Merging Online, In-Store Shopping For The Omnichannel Age

Consumers have embraced digital shopping experiences, and are increasingly looking like at least some of that shift will be a permanent preference change. Retailers are now looking to combine the physical with the digital to reinvent the shopping experience as omnichannel.

Oracle And Walmart Could Pay $12B For TikTok Stake Under Deal Trump Endorses

According to reports from ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart will willingly pay $12 billion for a combined 20 percent stake in its social media giant TikTok, a plan sufficient to help the rising social media force avoid a U.S. shutdown in less than a week.

How The Pandemic Made QR Codes Sizzle

Slow to ignite in the U.S. when compared to its wide use in China and throughout Asia, the QR code is showing up in restaurants, retail stores and anywhere else where customers want a contactless option these days.

Gojek Ramps Up In Thailand With New App

Indonesian ridesharing firm Gojek is “doubling down” on its Thailand expansion with the relaunch of its mobile app with better in nation curation. The new app, according to Gojek will make it easier for Thai users to “access over 20 services ranging from transportation to food delivery, massages, e-money and even a loyalty program.”

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