Innovative Approaches To Supporting Remittances, Malls And CPG

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International remittances are a lifeline for a number of households that depend on family members working in other countries to send money home. To ensure that money keeps flowing smoothly, transfer organizations must offer services that are convenient and follow regulations. In retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG) are capturing the digital shift in a dramatic way amid COVID-19, while the Philadelphia Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) has been focusing on experiential retailing and attracting smaller firms. All this, Today in Data.


$689B: Value of cross-border remittance flows in 2018.

95%: Minimum share of CPG online sales that occur on retail partner sites.

22%: Decline in the number of correspondent banking relationships from 2011 to 2019.

17: Number of malls PREIT owns surrounding the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania corridor, with some near Detroit and Washington, DC.

11%: Year-over-year increase in the value of remittances sent to Mexico in June.

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