Digital Technologies Drive Innovation In Retail, Banking

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Nike‘s digital sales surged in Q1, while the sportswear brand also saw an uptick in its connected fitness business. In banking, financial crime is a pervasive threat to financial institutions (FI) globally. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and video onboarding have shown promise in facing identity fraud, but each is vulnerable when implemented on its own. All this, Today in Data.


200%: Increase in women’s apparel digital sales for Nike in Q1.

80K: Number of global regulatory updates in 2019 with which banks must comply to avoid fines.

22%: Rise in identity thefts targeting seniors between 2018 and 2019.

$10.6B: Reported Q1 revenues for Nike, down only 1 percent vs. 2019.

GBP6.7B: Amount U.K. banks spend annually on cybersecurity measures.

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