Digital Transformations In Retail, Healthcare And AP

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The mobile device is the point of sale in the great digital shift – particularly in Asia’s quickly expanding markets. In finance, accounts payable (AP) teams are now looking at the potential of virtual cards to lessen transaction friction. And in health, GoodRx’s initial public offering (IPO) shows that disruption could be the cure for costly prescriptions. All this, Today in Data.


$108M: Amount the government in Malaysia has set aside to spur small businesses and retailers to accept digital payments.

60%: Increase in Canadian and U.S. small businesses’ online B2B card payment volumes during the pandemic.

53%: Amount that shares of GoodRx soared on their first trading day on Wednesday (Sept. 23).

$33: Price at which GoodRx staged its initial public offering (IPO).

24%: Share of AP professionals who believe manual processes damage vendor relationships.

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