Gilded Debuts Recurring Crypto Payments For Invoices

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Blockchain payment company Gilded has launched a new feature so users can set up recurring, automated invoice payments with cryptocurrency, according to a press release.

The feature includes an option to pay with cryptocurrency if the user desires, or with credit cards or wire transfers.

CEO Gil Hildebrand said in the release that the company is excited about incorporating crypto into the billing process.

“Every day, we speak with businesses that are eager to accept crypto but find themselves at a crossroads for one reason or another,” he said in the release. “Gilded makes it super easy to enjoy the benefits of crypto without having to abandon an entire way of doing business.”

With the new program, Gilded users can use other services like QuickBooks in order to make payments with crypto, according to the release.

By implementing a recurring payment, Gilded has made it easier to work in the future toward a complete crypto subscription solution, the release stated.

A long-standing issue, according to the release, is the historic lack of scheduling options for crypto, which prevented it from making practical sense for businesses with repeat customers or subscription services, according to the release.

Crypto payments are also growing with businesses, the release stated. Stablecoin transactions reached a volume of $54.9 billion in June. That, according to Gilded, pointed to a much deeper reliance on the form of payment.

In a similar innovation earlier this year that was also intended to boost accessibility for crypto to be used for payments, Gilded introduced new B2B tools for users of Coinbase to send invoices and accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum or USD Coin.

The tools are easy to use because they don’t force customers to worry about complex channels, Gilded said at the time. The payments are instead sent directly to the company’s Coinbase account, which is tracked and recorded in Gilded.

The payments can be made across borders and without any additional fees.

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