Strength In Planet-Friendly And Digital-First Business Models

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Membership-based grocery Thrive Market secured a designation as a B-corp after basing its brand on eco-friendly products and a sustainable business model for six years. In technology, payments orchestration is emerging as an effective way to bring firms up to speed as they find their digital operations wanting, while in banking, credit unions are harnessing payments to develop primary financial relationships. And in the markets, Fiserv’s Q3 earnings showed strength in a digital-first economy. All this, Today in Data.


$116B: Collective amount U.S. businesses paid in credit card processing fees in 2019.

83%: Portion of consumers who prefer to use as few financial institutions as possible.

76%: Share of European merchants with gateways that have experienced outages during the past 12 months.

$3.79B: Amount of Fiserv’s Q3 revenues amid strong new account performance.

$1M: Minimum amount Thrive Market’s community raised to fund healthy foods for families affected by the pandemic.

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